12:16 PM

Charlize Theron!!!!! My living favourite actress!!! There is no doubt that I'm going to watch this. I still have goosebumps. LOL

I would watch this for Michael Caine, then Dwayne Johnson, then the spanish guy and then because it looks like fun.

I don't normally watch military films but this one looks good.

The trailer looks good, but I'm still pissed at the movie because the woman who has been burned has male like tendencies than female so it will be likened to Bourne when it should be a completely new film. If it doesn't live up to the Bourne films it would have been a total waste. Basically, don't try to be a good copy, be a great original, I'm just saying.

I feel like this would be a Sunday afternoon type of movie

I could watch this, no I will watch this.

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