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Okay, at first, I thought this was going to be like JackAss, I was wrong. This just blew my mind. I'm speechless.

Now for the last instalment my thoughts on the trailers featured on the playlist of trailers created by good friend and FB buddy, Ms Andreen S. Shall we....

13. I am not religious, but there is something about listening to a choir that does something to the soul. I love that they made this film because it's something that I would not have thought to make a film about, but now that it's made, it feels right. Does that even make sense?

14. Another film that should be made and watched. It's sad that this happens in America and that it has similarities to places like Iran and Afghanistan where women are imprisoned when they were raped. I want to see this film, I want to give this woman a hug and I want to see what happened to her.

15. This looks powerful. That's all I got to say.

16. I love how it takes poetry out of the books and gives kids a way of expressing themselves and uniting with others who are just like them. Growing up, I would just write, but it never was put out there for people to read and I'm so happy about how far technology and the human spirit has taken this art form. Simply Awesome.

17. I think I would like to take my mom to see this and ask if any memories come to mind. LOL! Can you imagine a documentary in the future about the music we listen to now. Lord, save us all.

18. I'm still not sure about this movie. Something in me tells me that it has many layers and deals with many issues that will leave people uncomfortable, but isn't that what like is about, being uncomfortable.

To Ms Andreen, great selection and I will try to find a way to watch some of these movies.

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