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First, blame my sister for this post. LOL. Last Saturday, she was watching a burlesque show clip on line and I stopped to watch it.  To be honest, I liked the dancer. She exuded this confidence and an interesting type of sexuality that I have never come across. It wasn't raw and crude a la porn nor was it seductive and coy a la romance novels nor was it innocent and curious. I would say it was something like "Here I am, I love my body, I know how to use it to please you but to enjoy myself."

This also got me to thinking about my own thoughts on Burlesque. Let me get it out of the way, I do love the movie, Burlesque with Christina Aguilera, but that and other movies show it as a background piece. It doesn't show it in its fullness. From my understanding, I thought it was a fancy striptease show, something taboo, not dirty but not what good Christian people would partake in.

I would see pics of Josephine Baker and think why did they make a big deal about her? She's wearing bananas as a skirt for God's sake. After watching some of these clips, I realize it's more of a performance and the women exude a certain power over their sexuality that can never be equal to a mere modern stripper. For a brief history, click here

Perle Noire

Immodesty Blaize

Dita Von Teese

and more

I haven't come anywhere close to understanding burlesque, but I can say this
  1. These women show that women come in all shapes and sizes;
  2. It is your intent that shows through, if you feel sexy and are sexy, you will be sexy;
  3. Own your sexuality, don't get your definitions from male centered examples of sexuality, create your own and live it;
  4. Sexuality is not a bad word;
  5. Don't accept one thing and accept that it speaks for everything. When you think striptease, don't automatically think pole and dark clubs with men drooling.
This is another example of how life can be interesting, it's just for us to get over ourselves and enjoy it.

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