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Where do I begin...?!?! Okay, Total Recall is my favourite Arnold movie, evar (noticed I spelt ever wrong, that means I'm serious) so can you can tell I was a bit wary of them remaking it. Then I see this trailer and I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS. Excuse me as I go to church and pray that it will be as good as the trailer makes it look.


I will be honest, I'm not a big Woody Allen fan, but this movie looks interesting.

I'm kinda sorry that they showed there is a twist in the story. If they just focused on the build up, it would have been enough to pull me. Actually, thinking about it, it reminds me of that Jason Statham movie, but I will watch it for Samuel L Jackson.

Let me make it explicitly clear. The only reason this trailer is here is because of Alec Baldwin. His one liners are to die for, but this film seems too top heavy with talent, too heavy with visuals, and it makes my skin crawl with discomfort. I liked Alec Baldwin's scenes.

I'm not completely sure on how I feel about this movie. It's different and it brings the real aspect of Mexican cartels. Plus I'm drawn to the female villain, the "heroes" are not typical and it adds to the spice of this movie for me.

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