Ocean In A Bottle

2:40 PM

About a year ago, I had some free time at my old job and I came across a clear bulb that was burnt out. I've been on a recycling drive and I thought "Why don't I gut the bulb and make something out of it?" The idea resulted in Ocean In a Bulb, which is still undergoing development, but I loved the idea. I loved the idea so much that instead of using a bulb, I used empty olive oil bottles and made Ocean In a Bottle.

What I like about it was the fact that when you shake it, it simulated what happens when the waves crash against a shore and you can sit there and watch the sand settle. For some reason I find it so relaxing, it's almost like all the little bits of sand are like my thoughts and when they all settle, everything becomes crystal clear. Another thing is it's great as a paper weight, LOL.

Currently, there are two in existence and they will be soon available for purchase in the near future. This is just a sneak peak at what is to come.

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