The Streets of Japan

6:09 PM

I'm back to the delightful streets of Japan, well through my computer, LOL. I am such a fan of Fashion Japan and here are some pics I found interesting:

You see, if I wore this here in Wadadli, the would be saying "Why she walking around in her duster?" Only the Japanese can pull this off, LOL.

I am such a Bleach fan that when I saw this I was so excited because it reminded me of one of the characters, even down to the footwear. Love it!!
I love her hair, the colour and the style is so divine. I would go so far as to get a wig like this.

I like the playfulness of this look.

One colour, different textures and awesome attitude.

OMG, I love this look - a jacket with shorts and her pose is so on point!
For more awesome picks, check out japanese streets

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