Male Appreciation #23

3:09 PM

Just after righting the last Male Appreciation, I went to see Magic Mike with my sis. I know, I know, right after righting about appreciating men, I go and watch a movie about men taking it off. LOL. I'm classy like that!! Anyhoo, the movie actually inspired me to write this Male Appreciation and the topic for this week is Vulnerability in Men.

Personally, I think showing vulnerability is a gift, it's this great gift of saying I trust you with showing you the side I don't show anyone else. This is showing that you are scared of something unusual or worrying about some aspect of your life that you were suppose to have under control. Here's a secret: we are not perfect, if we were we would be dead. I mean what would be there to strive for?

Some months back, I came across a podcast and the lady brought up a concept that I never came across or never thought about. I don't even know if I can explain it correctly, but bear with me. Women are kind of like the emotional gatekeeper in the relationship. As the lady said a woman has her friends and family who she can talk to about what is bother her and to basically have a good, emotional conversation. Men don't really have that, she said that men can't go back to their wolf pack an say "I'm having a hard time at work and I'm worried about a particular project."

That's why I think communication is such an important part of a relationship. Through communication it is possible for a man to know that he can be vulnerable with the woman in his life. I know men have to work hard to prove that they are strong, that they can protect and provide for the "little woman", but it takes a truly strong man to trust and have faith in that same "little woman". Faith that she will keep the secret that you wet the bed till 4th grade or that spiders freak you out.

I guess you can say that a man showing his vulnerability is like a dog or cat showing their stomach. That's trust baby. So to the man who can be vulnerable with his woman, I appreciate you.

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