Happy New Year!!!

10:00 AM

Welcome to 2014! To be truthful, I'm actually in bed still, sleeping in. I wrote this blog post in advance, but don't worry what I'm writing is still relevant. Anyway it's 2014, a new year filled with new opportunities. What do you have planned for the new year?

For me, it's a bit different from the years before. Normally, I would acknowledge the new year then return to the status quo. The sad thing about that is January 31st would arrive and I would wonder where the month went. That changed up a bit when I created Bus Stop Antigua (BSA) last year. I started 2013, waist high in developing a website and in the end I felt like accomplished something. In fact, the whole year brought lots of positive things in my direction.

So what about this year? Well, this time around I'm juggling a few projects, as well as a few responsibilities. I'm also moving in with my little sister. This is also the year I take responsibility for my finances, as well as starting a new business. This year will also be the year of returning to blogging.

Last year, my blogging came to a trickle and then nada. How come? For one, I was not writing on my blog, I was posting other people's content and it just didn't feel right. I mean if one's heart is not in it, why bother? This year, I'm sticking to a weekly schedule of one post every Wednesday, if I feel inspired to share more I will, as long as I do that Wednesday blog post.

What to expect? For the most part my thoughts on life in general. There are topics that I want to get out of my head and share and this blog is the ideal place. I know I will face a couple challenges in terms of my questioning if I should post on certain topics, should I link the posts to my social media for all to see. The thing is I want to be honest, I want to be forthright and if some of the things I write are offensive to some people, so be it. I can't and I won't please everyone, every time.

Last Word
2014 is just another year, but it is up to you to make it an extraordinary year. Sure you can continue doing what you are doing, but here are some questions worth answering:
  • Are you happy with where you are right now?
  • Why not?
  • How can you change it?

If you are like me, you probably let life give you any and every old thing, but what if you can decide what you want from life and you go out and get it? Don't you think you will get what you want or something close to it?

Just some food for thought.

Happy New Year!!!


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