The Caribbean Blogger #1 - Deep Fried Stilettos

8:00 AM

The first of this new series is Deep Fried Stilettos. A lifestyle blog focused a fashion and photography. I first became aware of Charity when she began to follow this blog and after seeing her blog, I began to follow it. What do I like about this blog? It's honesty, the fact that the photos are beautifully styled and of course she is a Caribbean blogger, not just Caribbean but Antiguan. Plus she has another element that differentiates her from fashion bloggers I've come across.

I guess it could be the unpolished yet professional feel. A lot of fashion bloggers have this uber perfect blog that seems to give lip service to brands. Deep Fried Stilettos has more of a vibe of getting the emotion across rather than trying to hard to appear fashion-y. That's just my take on it, check out her blog and form your own opinion.

About the blogger
Well, I'm Charity and I am 4 feet 11 inches of absolute crazy, breathless, utter joy, laughter and undiluted happiness.

I'm an island girl born and raised on tiny Antigua and Deep Fried Stilettos is my lifestyle blog. Most of my year is spent
in Trinidad, working on finishing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, but I don't always practice what's taught (Hello there Mr. Burger King!). 

Papa's a mellow, laid back Rastafarian and mum's an on-again, off-again vegan who's a huge believer in holistic living and tends to a wild forest rather than a garden. I was born a free spirit!

This space is stuffed with photos, adventures, style,
lyrics, quotes, food and other lovely stuff.


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