Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

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The funny thing about blogging for me is that when I'm not behind the computer, I think up interesting topics to write about and then when I'm ready to write, nada. My mind goes blank. As a result, I fall back on a topic I had in the back of my mine such as this one,
Five Things You Didn't Know About Me!! 
(imaginary trumpets here)

1. I used to model and I got paid. During my time in college, I used to model for the live model classes. Worry not, I had all my clothes on, it was fashion live modeling class. I did pretty well for myself, that is until I had to model in front of a class of my peers. LOL, I kept doing the same pose, it was so bad that the professor asked for more variety. I didn't do much modeling after that, but it was fun experience up until that point.

Oh and there was the time I modeled at the study abroad in Italy. The photographer liked the way I looked so he photographed some of the students for the college and me for the college's promotional material. I didn't get paid but I got out of class. That was fun too. For those who ever consider it for fun or as a profession, expect to be waiting around for some time for the photographer to set up, getting the right light, etc.

2. I am a recovering TV addict. I have a TV, but have not watched it in over a year. Yes, I would watch TV when I visit my parents, but I try to focus on the internet. If I'm not careful, I could watch TV all day. If I had cable, you would catch me watching Law and Order, in all it's forms, except Criminal Intent. I just can't figure it out, the criminals just piss me off on that show. I would also watch CSI, I love the Miami one because of the quips the main  guy would say. I watched New York and it just irked the crap out of me, so I will stick to Miami and the original. I got into NCIS, but I'm not too much a fan of the Los Angeles one. I have to keep away from the reality shows, especially Keeping up With the Kadashians (Team Khloe all the way), that ish is like candy, so yummy and so bad for you. Don't even get me started on Lifetime movies, chick flicks to the world!!

I think my rock bottom would be me in a room with Netflicks for a week, with take out menus. I would be off the grid and after that, I will never have the desire to watch TV again.

3. I hate worms, correction I am deathly afraid of worms. Okay that is a bit intense. I don't like worms. Upon seeing one, I will freeze up and stare at it just to make sure of where it is. Then and if it is removed, I will be on the look out for more. It is a bit weird since I like to eat spaghetti and rice. Also in the category is caterpillars, snails and slugs, but I've made peace with millipedes.

This fear came from when I was a kid and I watched a movie with killer earthworms. They would swarm people and eat them. There was a scene that always comes to mind when the worms came through a shower head and attacked a person. Never liked worms since.

4. I am a geeky nerd and I love it. I love anime and comic books (hey, Archie comics are comic books). There was/is a comic store on the corner of 40th or 41st street and 7th Avenue in NYC. It was on the second floor and it was like heaven. Comic books of any kind and graphic novels.

Unfortunately, it's only recently that I discovered cosplay. To mix my love of comics with clothing construction, one word - squee. I wonder if it's too late to get into it. I'm tempted to create sexy costumes for carnival where I'm fully covered but still ooze sexuality. A sharp contrast to the skin-a-door of traditional mas costumes. It doesn't hurt that I found a tutorial on how to take my boobs from their present size to about a C, a D if I have enough socks.

5. I want to become Jason Statham. No, I don't want to be a short balding white guy with a british accent. I want to be able to do all the stuff he can do, or at least the characters he plays. For me to do this I will have to learn the following:
    ⁃    learn to drive stick shift;
    ⁃    learn to swim;
    ⁃    learn a martial art;
    ⁃    learn how to box;
    ⁃    learn to ride a bike;
    ⁃    learn to operate a handgun and either a riffle or a shot gun
    ⁃    learn spanish, mandarin and cantonese (I'm bond to find a spanish person or a chinese person anywhere in the world)
    ⁃    be cool under fire;


Alright, now if I achieve all of these, I will be able to handle any situation including a zombie apocalypse (I told you I was a geeky, nerd).

Just imagine, if some shit goes down, I can either kick ass or escape by car, bike or swimming. It's called survival and being prepared.

Okay there you go, 5 things you didn't know about me. Yes, I'm like an iceberg, you don't know what lies below the surface.


Last Word
Everyone has a story, something in their past that made them the person they are today, be it watching a bad horror movie in the 80's or a little quirk that you would never associate with them. One of the things that nourishes me is talking to people, learning about them and discovering they have their own dreams and fears. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own shit that we don't notice the person beside us, but if you take a moment and talk with them it will show you that your issues are not that big and the gratitude they have for you just listening to them will endear you to them for a long time. They say we are our brother's keeper, and  sometimes it's to keep our brother sane in an insane world.


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