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9:06 PM

I am so tired that I can't think or put together a comprehensive..... oh dear, I can't even finish this sentence. Random things:

1/ Who can you trust? One of the suppliers for where I 7-to-5 informed us that his salesperson who does business with us is no longer with them and that our company had over $3,000.00 for his company. Well my records show otherwise, so I went back and looked it up and there it was where we gave the same salesperson $2,000.00 cash and he signed to it. It turns out that was one of the reasons the salesperson is not with them anymore and they were with the company for about 11 years. So I ask the question who can you trust?

2/I've been feeling a bit weak, but I resisted the urge to call an old friend. The funny thing is it scares the bejesus out of me to be so good. Not messing around with the wrong guys, having faith that good things will come, being inspired by all facets of life, seeing people for who they are. I feel uncomfortably like a christian. Don't get me wrong if people want to be christians good for them, but for me, I want to look beyond the doctrines of the church and see everything on a higher level.

3/ So I drifted into this blog that is suppose to be the opposite of the Le Love Blog and amazingly he has over 157 profile views and a couple followers well and he has only been blogging for a month. So what is the deal, simply put he is an ass, a total tool, I'm not even going to give a link to the blog. Am I bitter? Hell no! I can attest the higher volume to the link from Le Love and then the subsequent followers to people either wanting to see what else he would say or they too are anti love. I guess people love conflict, you can see the large viewership of Jerry Springer as proof.

4/ I made burritos, I have some left over. They weren't bad, but I wasn't particularly hungry so I don't think I appreciated them as much. I did a post on making cinnamon buns on the other blog but I didn't set a date when I will be making them, so I will make them next week Wednesday.

Well this posting is called more pics, so here they are:

This pic is all about being evil, while below is all about being good. Why is it so easy to be bad?

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