Travel In Groups

2:18 PM

Last night I was working on the t-shirts and they came out 95% good, yeah!!! I don't know but working on this project is just so good for me because it makes me so happy. When I'm happy, I am so peaceful, nothing can bring me down. I didn't even put on my computer so that is why there was no post for yesterday.

I also ordered a screenprinting kit which should arrive next week or the week after. My spirit is doing a happy dance in my body. I've discovered why starting this business has been so frustrating. All the time, I was going to rely on others to produce the shirts which left me open to disappointment. Now when I do it myself it's so much more satisfying to see my vision becoming real in my own hands. I'm not doing it for money, I'm doing it for satisfaction.

Okay the title of this post is Travel in Groups, so once again floating through the internet and I found this on See Hear Say. I think my sister will like this because she likes penguins. If I didn't have to depend on my CRV, I would take the bus. Then again I was more a subway kinda chick when I lived in NYC.


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