8:49 PM

If you were reading my other blog, I mentioned how an old flame pretty much messed with my head. Nutshell: One Sunday, I got a text from a buddy I hadn't spoken to in months. I texted him back, I called him, blah, blah, blah. When I got through to him, his reason for texting me was he woke up and he thought of me and texted me. That messed with my head. Yes, I am a work in progress.

Well, weeks passed and I had gotten pass it, so I texted him, like he texted me. He texted back and I am going to leave it at that. You know why? For one, I have no business messing with that man, he's practically married, for two, this time around it's all about me.

My sister posted the following YouTube clips on her blog and it got me to thinking. Why am I the one who initiates, hell I should be fricking Jessica Rabbit and just sit around and let Mr. Right come get me. Ok that way a bit anti feminist, and I still think I'm on the side of the feminist. What I am trying to say is I should be out there having fun, enjoying life, not being scared $h!tless about my biological clock. Hell, it's when you're out having fun that you meet someone.

Oh God this post got really long. Shite. Anywho, here are the clips:

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