Art 101

8:56 PM

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is art. There are some art pieces that leave me in awe and then others that leave me confused. I remember standing in an art gallery in NYC watching a video installation which was a lit cigarette burning. Why did I spend a good amount of time watching this? I wanted to see what would happen when it was all burned away. The video started again.

Well here are some art, I found online and I liked:

This was done by Shinichi Maruyama, I found it through

This was called ohai, I love how it's so formal and yet comical, it was upload to flicker by addictedImage.

We always assume art can only be found in art galleries, hell nah! This is a good example, this is actually a photo for an album called Toy Soldiers, the photographer was Richard Ford. I liked the strong contrast, and the ability to have both the person in the foreground and the person in the background in focus.

Please keep in mind that, I haven't done the art appreciation thing in a while so I'm going to be warming up. Bare with me.

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