8:34 PM

As of late, I've noticed my entries have been quite random. So I decided to assign things of interest for each day. Here is a rough draft:

Sunday - The mood for the week;
Monday - Music;
Tuesday - Movies;
Wednesday - Homey Stuff, i.e. interiors, recipes, etc;
Thursday - Art;
Friday - Random Stuff;
Saturday - Random Stuff;

Don't get me wrong though, I may throw in some Random Stuff anytime and if something interests me on any given day, I'm going to put it up.

Gosh to say I'm tired and out of it is an understatement. I did get to coat my screens, it's not easy without a scooper, but I made do with the squeegee. I just printed my first "graphic" on acetate:

If you can make it out, it says "Repent". No, I'm not a Christian, but it's a word I like. It's a commanding word.

I'm starting of with words and then build up to real artwork. I'm going to keep positive. I've been meaning to sew up some shirts, but I am so out of it. I think I need a change of pace.

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