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What I enjoy doing is checking out what is on found and choose the ones that I like. Here are a few for today's post: A couple days ago my brother sent me an email saying that my favourite J'ouvert Troupe The Blue Devils will be out this Carnival. This picture reminds me of the troupe because in this troupe we are covered in blue. What I liked to do is go up to the Mud People (the troupe covered in "mud") and hug them. So bits of me would be blue and bits would be muddy) It's extra fun when you're tipsy. Hopefully I can get some pics from this years carnival.

I think this would be a great promotion idea, putting up a unique flyer that would make people stop and notice the product. But that animal is just crazy!!

I have a tattoo on my back close to my neck and I've been meaning to get another one. A dragon to go on my upper arm, but then I'm a little scared of when I get older it will look weird and all. Then I saw this picture and I think I'm going to work on the design, I would love to have one with shading and of course it's going to be a black.

Well this post is called Tunnels. This was the first picture that caught me, it reminded me of being in NYC and waiting in the subway station for a train. I think I'm going to NYC again but for fun. I'll plan it better.

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