Movies - Gay Day

9:03 PM

Here I am breaking the rules again. Today is Good Friday and although I told myself I was only going to slack off for half the day I slacked off all day. I ended up watching two gay movies. Here are the trailers:

There it is I am a fag hag without a fag. Hee Hee. I've even have a favourite gay movie, well, it's the first one I've ever seen, but still my favourite. Trailer:

You see the thing I love about gay movies is the underlying theme of love. Okay, the first movie was about two boarding school girls who loved each other but refused to call themselves gay. It was love in it's purest form and one of them preferred to run away from it than have the label lesbian cast upon her.

The second cut through the concept that the only thing gay men cared about is sex, but they too want something serious, something forever. I liked the movie but it's not my all time favourite.

Now Boy Culture is something I can identify with in terms of love being confusing. The pull and push of the main character is interesting in itself. I mentioned in a previous blog about a guy I refer to as Zen. He is an escort of the straight persuasion, and I think after watching Boy Culture I thought he had something deeper than what he shows on the surface.

Pretty much, I just want love. Not another guy stripping me with his eyes, constantly asking when he can come visit me at home. I want something worth remembering. A good memory was my hand being held, having a stupid smile on my face, being held in the middle of the night. Just being held, sometimes that is all you need.....

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