Crochet hat

9:27 PM

Well I'm blending two things I enjoy, crochet and hats and I'm going to make a few for my store. I printed the pattern for one and Sunday while watching telly I made this hat.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

When I was kid my mom would be crocheting these little doilies and I would ask her to teach me but she wouldn't. Then I went to High School and in Form 2, I learned how to crochet and I would sit in front of the television and crochet. I had gotten tired of the only making doilies so I upgraded to wool and started making bed spreads. I've even made one as a gift for a friend. Lately I haven't crocheted but it's just like what they say about riding a bike, you never forget.

I thought it would be a nice idea to make crochet hats to sell as they would be made right here in Antigua. The one above is just a prototype, my only problem is the wool feels a bit on the chunky side, perhaps I should source a smaller wool gauge or add more tension to the stitch. Also the brim appears to be quite big to me. I might try this pattern again with a few tweaks. One thing for sure, it would be great for cold weather. My head felt toasty in it. I think I'm going to retail at between US$15 - $20 which would cover the cost of material and labour (hey, I got to get paid too.)

Tell me what you think?

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