Taking Chance

8:55 PM

In the last post, I mentioned crying over a movie and immediately reminded me of a movie that had me crying or as I like to say make my face leak. The movie is called Taking Chance. When I first saw the picture for it I wasn't interested but one Saturday afternoon while doing my laundry I watched it. I needed a lot of tissue and it wasn't a matter of a little leaking, afterwards I felt like I had a good cry. There were scenes in it where people were being, well, human. It hit a cord in me so many times, I get misty eyed thinking about it.

Basically the story is about an administrative military officer escorting the body of a young soldier who died in Iraq home. He traveled first by plane (with an overnight), then car. Then was present at the funeral. Through the journey he stuck to the code of conduct as he was suffering from guilt which he hid through the movie.

The respect everyone gave to the officer and the body of the soldier was awesome, and I don't mean Bill and Ted's awesome but looking out on the country side as far as the eye can see and being overwhelmed by the greatness of one's surroundings. Sometimes we get bogged down by the many things that makes life what it is today, but when you experience a person being kind, considerate and understanding just because they recognize themselves in you those are the moments you remember.

This reminds me of a blog on my list in my other blog, it called Operation Nice, definitely worth checking out.

Here's the trailer

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