The Young Victoria

8:37 PM

I just finished watching The Young Victoria, a film based on Queen Victoria during her early days as the Queen of England. Now let me begin by saying I used to think she was an old fuddy duddy, very staid and very English. Actually the picture on the left is the image I had of her. But then I could not see the connection between her and Victoria and Albert Museum, which to me always has some cool exhibits.

Well this movie helped me understand the woman and truly appreciate her. Okay, Elizabeth made me kind of pity her, fear her, but Victoria, well in this movie, is someone I could relate to.

I also enjoyed the love story (I love love stories). To meet someone who loves you, really loves you that is so beautiful. I loved how they greeted each other in the morning, "Good morning, my wife." "Good morning, my husband."

I came close to crying, which means an okay watch. Below is the trailer.

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