At Last

9:39 AM

I've been going through the blogs I follow and I (what was I?) I was identifying with the written post on Le Love. The first one I read was trying to forget you and it reminds me of my discontinuing my association with two guys I was close with. I finally mentally disconnected with the last one and you know what? It feels good, it feels empowering, it feels freeing. That same day I saw the first one in traffic, he was riding his motorcycle and although it brought back a lot of emotions I was able to put it aside. Although it will take time, the simple fact that I can put away how I feel about these to men means they were not the ones for me. It also helps that I don't see them in my day to day life. Yeah!!!

It's funny how when you let go, that's when someone walks into your life. There is a guy who is interested in me and I accidentally met up with him when my sister and I went to see the Ugly Truth (for the record it was a cute film and I will be getting it on DVD). It's funny how he has come to the fore front after I've officially done with the past. It may be a good thing or a bad thing, but I will not be rushing into anything with him. I'm going to take this moment to love me, to enjoy life, to do the things I love to do and not fit myself into someone else's life. Yes, the clock is ticking but I need to take this moment because if I don't it will be lost forever. I'm going to be 30 in February and I have to start putting things in place to make my 31st year the best year ever.

As for love, well the post in Le Love titled waiting sums it up nicely. I'm not going out there searching for it, I'll wait for it. If I am still figuring out myself and am constantly changing, how can I pin point who the ideal person for me and then search for them. I'm going to be selfish and start thinking about me and becoming the perfect person for me, and I will wait. In all my experiences the people I've come across while I was "looking" for love were not worth the drama. When it comes I will embrace it wholeheartedly until that time, I'm going to love life.

Oh, on a separate note, I've been invited to read a poem at an opening ceremony, check out my other blog, Kim or Lisa, for the details. I guess doing those poetry nights have opened doors and I'll just have to see where it leads.

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