Things I like Part 1

7:45 PM

I've been meaning to do this post for a while or at least a series of things I genuinely like. So the first one is Tank Girl.

I first came across in the mid 90's when the movie came out and although the movie took it a bit far when it came to the character, it made me look up the comic and get to know what Tank Girl is all about. What I like about her is she is happy go lucky and does anything and everything she wants. Fun, fun. Basically, she possess some qualities I wish I had. What the hey, it's my blog so I will list them:

1. The ability to say what ever she wants and not care what people think;
2. The ability to wear what ever she wants;
3. Living life to the fullest and enjoying it;
4. Owning thing she really likes which are a reflection of who she is;
5. Having fun for fun sake;
6. Being a bad ass and not apologizing for it;
7. Trying things and not caring about the risks;

This is me talking, but I think as a woman we are told and taught to be dainty and always thinking about everyone's and their mama's feelings. When you show any form of independence or original thought that may lead to an alternative lifestyle you are viewed as "special" or "different". Well I've tossed the prospect of finding an ordinary, hardworking man who is looking for a nice enough woman. I'm going to have some fun for a change. Of course, I'm not going to say whatever I please at work but I will resist the urge to edit myself. Maybe I'll toss the 1001 list and work on the above list. Something to think about.

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