Be Love

9:18 PM

This morning a dog appeared at my work place. He was shaggy and had both a harness and a collar. He came sniffing around at the back and as it was raining took shelter with us. He was friendly in the right amount, not practically humping you and not cowering in fear. All I could think is he is love. He played with everyone who came along and when you were leaving he looked like he was going to miss you even if you spent a few seconds in his company and didn't take notice of him. Everyone at work liked him and somehow he brought out the best in people. I don't think he was trying to impress us or make him like him in the way humans do, he just wanted to play, he just was a dog.

You know what is the crazy thing, I'm originally a cat person, but some how I'm becoming a dog person. Only thing is I'm holding off getting one until I have kids, hey someone has to take care of it and play with it on a regular basis. At least with a dog you can talk to it and it appears like it is listening, with a cat it looks bored and couldn't care less, with the exception of Bubbles, a black and white furry kitten who only lasted a short period of time but who appeared to like you.

Okay, I'm rambling.

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