B. Scott

8:12 PM

It was either last year or earlier this year. I think it was last year, my sister introduced me to B. Scott on YouTube and I have been a fan since. Here is a little info about him from Wikipedia:

Brandon Scott Sessoms (born March 21, 1981) is a multi-racial, openly gay, American blogger, celebrity commentator and internet personality [1]. Sessoms works primarily under the abbreviated name, B. Scott.

Sessoms, as B. Scott, he has become a popular internet personality[2] through his visibility on YouTube and his personal website, "lovebscott.com". B. Scott's internet presence and his ability to gain interviews with celebrities such as Jordin Sparks, Ne-Yo, and Ashanti allowed him to branch out into a relationship with Access Hollywood[3] and Extra (TV series)[4][5].

Unfortunately, he hasn't been posting videos as often as before but there are few videos I watch when I need a little boost. They are below. Enjoy.

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