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3:40 PM

I haven't done this in a while because there haven't been any movies I wanted to see very badly. Well, actually I do want to see Kick Ass and Iron Man, I might go to see Why Did I Get Married Too, although I found out how it was going to end. Anywhoo, I say these trailers and I would like to see these movies genuinely. So here we go...

Now this first one didn't movie when I heard the premise but when I heard who was in it. Chris Rock, Adam Sandler,Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider, my interest got piqued. Then I watched the trailer, by the end I was exclaiming that I was going to see this. I absolutely love the last scene. LMAO.

Then there is this movie, and to look at me and then to look at this movie and the question that pops up is Why? Well I liked the notion that he is doing this little campaign to have a funeral party and have people tell him what the heard about him. I honestly want to find out how it ends. I also like Bill Murray and I love how he said the main character said the name of the movie, Get Low.

Last month or the month before, I did a post on the Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. I said I was due for a J-Lo movie and I'm still pumped to see it. Anyway, I have to say the same thing for this movie but this time it "I'm due for a Queen Latifah movie." When I saw the trailer for the first time on TV, I was so excited. A movie with fine as hell Common and Queen Latifah as the love interest, I'm hyperventilating a little. I'm ashamed to say I was with a guy longer than I should because he looked like Common, a damn shame. I must second the oppinion of Peter Rallis of Movie Buzz in saying that they put too much in the trailer. Gosh, leave something for us to watch on the big screen. Anyway, here's the trailer:

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