Inspiration: Madonna

2:47 PM

Well, for the last couple days I have been blue. I think it was the culmination of a certain aunt visiting, a stupid act on my part and being stung on the under side of my foot by a bee on Sunday. The bee sting is still bothering me, I didn't know you had to squeeze out the venom as well as pull out the stinger.

Anywho, enough of that back to the topic of this post. While on YouTube, I came across a Madonna song, Like A Prayer and it stripped about what 18 years off of my consciousness. It took me way back and it made me seek out more of her songs and videos. That song was first song I ever liked of hers. I don't even think I'm a Madonna fan but I have to give her respect and a Wayne's World "I'm not worthy for all that she accomplished of the last... what 2-3 decades? Not many people can say that. As a woman who has accomplished so much, she is my shero.

So below are my absolutely favourite Madonna songs and videos. That is another thing about her is she made some really cool videos, and the second to last one, Frozen, I liked that so much that I bought the cd. I had a rule when buying cds, I had to like more than one song on it before I bought it. Here are the videos:

I threw this one because it shows this woman is rocking it out at 51. Go on with her bad self! I feel so under-accomplished. Must go out and do my thang! LOL.

Last note: I'm not going to lie to you but I like Lady Gaga, but do I see her lasting as long as Madonna? To be honest, she's going to have to work and she's going to have to keep bringing us something new to keep us coming back. But if she doesn't and she fizzles in the end, at least it was a fun ride.

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