A Change Is Coming

10:53 AM

Every now and then a blogger goes through a moment in time when he or she questions why they blog. I get this every few months when I start to see my posts going down the direction of me reposting other people's content. Granted that I can't resist posting the major fashion weeks, I think it's time for a change.

As you can see the first change was the appearance of the blog. That was because I wanted to give people the option of sharing the posts via the various social media, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Also the last template was very limiting, so I decided to keep it simple. This pulls people's attention to the posts instead of the appearance of the blog, well I hope so.

I'm not saying I'm going to completely cut out all the fun stuff but I'm going to limit it. I'm going to keep Ted Thursday and I'm going to continue posting my illustrations. Thanks to the Pages feature I'm now able to have all my illustrations in one place on my blog.

That pretty much takes me to where I want to go with this blog. Right now, I'm doing a bunch of stuff while working full time. I've been working on a collection called Holier Than Thou with hopes of putting it in the Independence Fashion Show. Unfortunately, the theme of this year's fashion show is "Pappy Show" which is in direct opposition with the theme of my collection. In fact it would be blasphemous if I did show case it. I may not be religious but I don't purposefully make fun or offend any religion. Instead I'm finishing up the collection so that I can do a photo shoot so I have something to show case my work.

I'm also working on a book of poetry called Woman Defined. Yes, I'm a poet and I have a blog dedicated to my poems called Kim or Lisa. The book has only one poem that can be found on the blog and right now I'm editting it. Also I don't want to jump fully into that project until I finish with Holier Than Thou. You can find out more on my other blog as time goes by.

As I mentioned before there is a page on this blog dedicated to my illustrations, so far I have about 34 illustrations. I've been doing them religiously (or as close to religiously) every week, and as I've been getting positive feedback from them, I'm looking to start selling them. I've started getting an Etsy store set up where both original artwork and prints will be available for purchase. More news on that later.

There is one other project I'm looking on working on but I'm keeping that close to my chest, more on that closer to the new year. As I said before I will continue to post the other random stuff, cute pics, inspiring pics, music I like and movies I want to see, and movies I liked so much that I had to do a post on it, also interiors that inspire me. To be honest the interior posts are more for me to keep a record for when I have my house.

One new addition to this blog is another page which will be popping up in a couple days is my Page of Joy, which is dedicated to everything I come across on the web that brings me joy. Every now and then life can be overwhelming and I would need a little something to put a smile on my face. Hopefully, it puts a smile on your face too.

I'm looking forward to the changes on this blog and in my life and I appreciate all of those who follow this blog. Oh, one more thing, I will be disengaging this blog from my FaceBook page for personal reasons.

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