Resident Evil: The Final Chapter-ish: A Movie Review

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So I just finished watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and I will be honest with you, this is the first Resident Evil that I've watched all the way through. Granted at various times during the movie I questioned why I went, especially as I haven't watched a suspense filled or jump scare movie in a while. Still, I watched it and I'm not mad that I did because at least I watched it, if I had watched it on Cable or streaming I would have switched the channel due to my being a chicken of sorts.

The Theatre

Now part of going to the movies is the audience, but what happens when some of the audience should not be present. For instance, the parents who thought it wise to bring their toddler to a Resident Evil movie. Or those individuals with their cellphone spotlights trying to get the right angle to take a selfie (we're in a dark movie theatre, you don't need to chronicle that ish). Or the lovely young lady who thought it wise to scroll through FaceBook during the opening scenes of the movie. Really, she got all dolled up, lace front wig, make up, tight-tight dress to scroll through FaceBook.
Le Sigh.

Too Much

I love me some Ruby Rose. I even did a girl crush post, but honey, you are wearing yourself thin. Between XXX, John Wick and Resident Evil, you are in three of the seven movies at the cinema. One of the others is about Black Women in the space program, one is Fifty Shades Darker and the other is a Lego movie. Love you, babe, but I'm getting tired of seeing you.


It ties up the story in a nice bow, giving me and others who are not Resident Evil fans an understanding of what's going on in well times flash backs in between explosive action scenes. Still some of the scenes were predictable and I'm not sure that is going to work on me as a movie goer.

Yes, a person loving a particular genre of movie or film would like to see it follow a particular formula, but it would be nice to give us a gasp, amazing. I guess that is why John Wick blew minds, or The Matrix. Not so much Keanu Reeves but giving movie goers something new, pulling them in to know what will happen next.

We knew the protagonist was going to live, then die. We knew, well, I knew, who was the mole, how the bad guy was going to die and that almost everyone is a red shirt. But isn't that the case in all the Resident Evil movies?

I'm not mad that I went to see the final installment, that is why I went in the first place, but it's not something to say "Oh My God, I'm glad I saw this movie!" Oh, lest I forget, I did appreciate the medieval warfare in terms of the Trebuchet (not only a font) and the cascading wall of fire.

I will now end with my favourite phrase from the movie:
"trifecta of bitches"
Watch the movie to find out what that is all about.

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