Date #3 - Be A Kid

2:12 PM

Difficulty - 2/5
Expense - $
Intimacy Level - 2nd -7th date
Fun/Informative - Fun

I don't know about y'all, but there are times when I want to stop being an adult and be a kid again. And this is what this date is all about, being a kid, stop thinking about bills, jobs, trying to seduce the person you are out with. Just go out and have innocent, physically demanding fun.

For those who may have forgotten how to do this here are a couple ideas:

  • Going to the park and going on the swings, tossing a Frisbee, kicking a football, playing one on one basketball, if adventurous, play tag;
  • Go Hiking;
  • Race each other and aim to win;
  • Check out if the local kids' amusement places have adult nights;
  • Go to an arcade;
  • Dave & Buster, need I say more?
  • Go to the beach and splash around;
  • Play dress up and go out and shock the public;
  • Do everything your parents told you to stop doing when you were around 8,9,10;
The important thing is to have fun, innocent, laughter inducing fun. Why? Well, why not? Here is a chance to show your date that you know how to have a good time. There are lots of opportunities to learn about your date, like
  • Are they sore losers;
  • Their strengths;
  • Their weaknesses;
  • If they are ticklish;
  • How they laugh when they are having a good time;
  • Their unique range of facial expressions, from pure happiness to being mischeivous;
  • What makes them happy;
There are also opportunities to get to know them through conversation. Let's just put it this way, here is a great way to share a positive experience that will become a great memory and/or story. Maya Angelou said it best when she said
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

 So here are some bonus helpful info:
  • Don't over think it, just be like a kid and jump from one thing to another;
  • If you are competing against each other, remember it's about having fun not winning or losing;
  • Leave your cellphones behind or turn them off so you don't have to be pulled back into the adult world before you wanted to return;
  • Remember to relax, release all your troubles, focus on what you are doing and having fun with this interesting person who is with you;
  • Don't hold back, how is your date going to get to know you if you are so adamant about keeping your guard up;
  • Whenever in doubt, just check out how kids behave and use that as your inspiration;
 Oh, as for this charming chap below, well, I came across him while looking for the above pics and I couldn't resist. He's a Highland Cow and I hope he puts a smile on your face.

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