Why I Want To Be The Sun

4:19 PM

On many a night, I would look up at the full moon and bask in the beauty of it. How it would light up the night sky, outshining the stars and casting a bewitching spell. Long, long time ago, I fell in love with the moon and between the two heavenly bodies, I saw it as my favourite and was on Team Moon. I was bewitched by it.
To be honest nothing is wrong with that, but it's funny how what you love reflects who you are. Lets take a look at my beloved moon:
  • It's basically a floating rock
  • It is lifeless
  • It does nothing, simply floating around being held by our gravity
  • It does not produce it's own light
  • What we see is a reflection of the sun
  • It does have it's own gravity though
  • It can not sustain life
Okay, I've just gone and made myself depressed. I'm not saying I'm a floating lump of rock but I can identify with some of those items. *le sigh* At least when it comes to my blog. When I take a good look at my blog, I see that I'm just reposting a lot of content. My blog is a moon, but  worry not, I'm planning on an upgrade. I'm taking this blog to sun level.
Let's take a look at the sun:
  • It is a dynamic body;
  • It produces light
  • It produces energy
  • It generates heat
  • It has a hell of a gravitational pull
  • When it dies, it morphs from one powerful body to another
  • It is one of many but it is powerful in it's own little part of the universe
That sounds so awesome, I got goosebumps, LOL. How cool is that to have those qualities in a blog? Now don't get me wrong, I have not turned my back on my beloved moon, but I recognise that you can either be dynamic and exciting or just be a weak reflection of that.
 I don't find fault in the moon, I still love it and accept it for what it is, but one has to ask themselves the question: Do I want to spend all my life being a mere reflection or would I rather be the one creating the light?
By light I mean creative energy. It could be your natural talent, something you have honed, something that you were told you could never do, but you are doing it. Whatever it is, it makes you happy, it makes you come alive, it is what you were created to do. It could be being a great parent or creating the next big thing or being the best at what you love. Society loves to place hiarchy on these things, but when you boil them down to their true essence they are all the same.
So tell me, are you a moon or a sun in your everyday life? Are you happy with being a moon or sun, or would you like to upgrade or downgrade? Leave your answers in the comment below.

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