Not Another Sex Tape!!

1:00 AM

I had a post in mind to post for today but I felt that I needed to do this one instead. Thursday started lovely, the weather was divine, the sun was shining and the air was cool. I forgot how much I love cool weather. Then my day was almost disturbed when it was shared with me that there are four videos floating around of secondary school students having sex. I was also shown two of those videos. Sigh.

Where do I begin? How about by enumerating why this almost disturbed my day:

  1. I had to watch the videos on a cell phone while my mother and sister were watching for my reaction. Can we say uncomfortable and awkward.
  2. These are teenagers attempting to make porn. Ugh!
  3. This could be a cousin or a friend's child.
  4. How stupid can young people be? Hello! if a phone has the capability of recording videos, it has the ability of transferring them online and to other phones.
  5. What did these young ladies think would happen to the video?
Here's the deal, I know people have sex, but I don't need to see it. I don't need to have it enter my consciousness and leave an imprint. There are many times when I would listen to the BBC and I would hear that country is in conflict and this country had a bombing, yet it never makes a major impact on me. Then I watch BBC news and see the same thing and I would honestly be impacted and have an emotional reaction. I'm a visual person.

To actually see the act these school kids are doing leaves me unsettled. I know eventually it will fade away and I will forget about it, but what makes me sad is it will all fade away and it will be done again. I don't think people realize that producing content and distributing it online means that only their family and friends will see it. It's called the World Wide Web, please not the first word "World". 

I don't know if these girls know how much this will effect their lives. I know people have to make mistakes but this is a major mistake. For one they obviously don't have a clear understanding of sexuality and how to enjoy it. They are performing acts but are completely clueless as how it effects them on an emotional level. To me sex is giving yourself completely to another person and wishing to give them pleasure, your partner should also want to do the same. If it's not done with that in mind, you devalue both yourself and your partner.

I'm pretty much rambling today, but it was something that I wanted to get off my chest and I know it will be in the news for a week or so. I can only hope society can learn to evolve with the introduction and advancement of technology. Everything is at a click of a mouse or a push of a button on a smart phone, now is the time we should be educating people to value themselves because the present and the future is shared.

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