Daily Affirmations a la Kimolisa

10:30 AM

I've heard of affirmations and know that they are supposed to help change one's life for the better. The sad thing is I have a bad case of inaction and I have not been impressed with the affirmations I've come across. Simply put, they are a bit on the long side. By the time I'm on the fifth word, I'm bored and thinking of something else. No Bueno.

I believe I'm a mess, I don't think I'm worthy of many things. I don't believe in myself and I haven't been living to my highest potential. So here's a little secret, I promised myself that I will make a change in my life in time for my birthday - February 13.

I believe my mind is a garden and right now it's full of weeds. The first stage of my work is clearing out the weeds and the next stage is to start planting flowers. These affirmations are what I'm going to be using. They are short and sweet and hopefully they will stick. I will be posting them daily on Twitter, follow me on twitter to get the good stuff, @kimolisa.

Below are the themes for the days of the week:

Sunday - Spiritual connections. I grew up in a Christian society so Sunday is considered the Sabbath  so I chose Sunday to be the day focused on connecting with God/Universe/Higher Source.

Monday - Keep it simple. To start the week, I thought it would be best to keep it short, sweet and powerful.

Tuesday - Stronger. The Spanish word for Tuesday is martes and for some strange reason I thought is was associated to Mars, the God of War. Tuesday, for me, is about tapping into my strengths and waging war against my inner demons.

Wednesday - Sexy Hump Day. I know hump day really means the middle of the week and we are basically getting over the hump, but I'm keeping it sexy. I believe that we shall claim, respect and honour our sexuality.

Thursday - Show me the money. I'm going to keep it real, I'm broke. I am not happy with that so I'm proclaiming that I want and deserve money.

Friday - Inspired. Random, empowering affirmations.

Saturday - Fun. Random good stuff.

I'm really following through with this because I remember what Aibileen told the little girl over and over in The Help. Just thinking the words over and over has such power, so if I really focus on these affirmations, even if it's just for a month. It's just to start which starts November 4th.

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