Who Would You Take To Sunday Brunch?

1:57 AM

Between the two women above, who would you like to spend a Sunday brunch with? I don't know about you, but I'm drawn to the woman at the top. Okay, I'm cheating a bit because I know what the lady at the top is about and why she looks the way she does.

I'm sure by now, her story has made the rounds online, and to some I might be late (whateva!), but when I first saw this article in Yahoo's Shine, it touched a cord in me and I had a shift. Don't you love my new age jargon? The first thing you see in the article is a picture of Balpreet Kaur waiting in line, looking at her cell, and the first thing that came to mind was "Wow, she's ballsy! She has no problems with being who she is." I didn't look down at her or thought that she was lacking, in fact I thought she had a lot of courage to say "This is me, take me as I am," through her actions.

What endeared her more to me is that she took a situation where people were saying mean things about her appearance and turn it around to make people rally towards her side. Her message to those people who had a problem with her appearance was honest, candid and encouraged people to open their minds. She spoke power humanity, humility, and nurtured and encouraged the idea of thinking of changing the world through our actions.

Don't get me wrong, sure it would be nice to have brunch with a Supermodel. We could talk about me raiding her closet, the places she had been to, the people she had met, the people she knows, all the while paparazzi taking pictures of us. I would be the un-famous acquaintance or the random hand in the shot. Fun times. But I would rather spend time with someone who would nourish my soul, who would inspire me to do great things, not because it would make me look good, but because I would be helping someone or something in need.

So Balpreet Kaur, if ever I'm in your neck of the woods or you in mine, I would love to take you out to Sunday Brunch.

Check out the article and have a great week, and remember, you are awesome to the tenth power.

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