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7:00 AM

A few years back, I rocked one loc. My hair was cut low and I let one patch grow. When it was long enough, I would twist it until a loc was formed and it was a good 3" or more. Then my barber accidentally cut it off. That was a turning point in my life, not because I lost a loc of hair, because I didn't lose my cool. In the past, I would have ranted and raved, I would have been royally pissed off, but I wasn't.

By not getting taken over by raw emotions, I was able to see that I didn't have to punish the person who did wrong by me. He already felt bad as it is. Plus I knew I could grow that loc again, but I chose not to. In fact, my hair I have grown out my hair twice since then. I've rocked Afros and twist outs and now I'm going to rock loc's.

Why? Because I can. I've had relaxed hair for over a decade. I've had short hair for a decade. I've had Afros for a year or so and now I want to try something new. The truth is, I love my hair, it's thick, it's dynamic (around the edges are tight coils and at the top it's loose curls), it grows quickly, but to maintain it is another story. It takes hours to twist and it kills me to do a twist out because it will only last me a few days before it takes the form of a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). I've come to accept that my hair will not look like the chicas in the pics and the like, so I'm going with the locs.

I want at least once in my life to have waist length hair. The better to go "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" a la Jan of the Brady Bunch. Plus I know I can always shave it all off and start anew.

So I'm aiming for medium thick locs. The thin ones will have me spending a day at the salon and I love me Whoopie Goldberg, but I can't handle the chunky locs. Below are some styles I'm going to try when my hair grows long enough.

Last Word:
You only have one life, why not experiment with the way you look. As long as it's cool with your place of employment, rock that Afro, the tattoo or *sigh* piercing (letting you know now, I'm not a fan of the piercings, especially the "you really pierced yourself there type. Yes, I'm judging). As Madonna sang, Express yourself, don't repress yourself.


images: pinterest & Nappstar

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