Etsy In The Caribbean

7:00 AM

I've been a fan of Etsy for a while now and I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you compile a list of Caribbean Etsy stores?" I replied " I think I will just do that." Below is the banner and a little info about the stores I've found so far. If you know of any other stores, leave a comment below with a link.

Wildflower Studio - Trinidad & Tobago - original artwork, books, bookmarks, keychains, etc

zhevni - Trinidad & Tobago - jewelry and "vintage ephemera"

PrettyPlanner - Trinidad & Tobago - Planner, Calenders and more

Iguana4art - Trinidad & Tobago - jewelry

NishKollection - Jamaica - women's clothing

Wild/Free Swimwear - Jamaica - swimwear

GetJulued - St. Kitts & Nevis - jewelry

CrystalForms - Barbados -jewelry

Ellad2 - Grenada - Jewelry Tutorials

MamaBois - Grenada - Jewelry

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