Michael Jackson Tribute

2:11 PM

I will be honest, I was not going to write a tribute for Michael Jackson. Simply because I thought a lot of people were doing it and I wasn't feeling the emotions true MJ fans feel. Then I went to B. Scott's site and saw a tribute video. It was him doing an accapella of Butterfly and had a slide show of MJ.

That did it for me, I'm not saying I'm sobbing and mourning all over the place. To be honest, that is not my style. What it do was go deep into my core where I respect MJ, it made me go back in time to when I first saw him was in Beat It. Of course, I knew he was a superstar and it was something that blew me away and it was a measuring stick by which videos were rated, at least for me.

Then there was Thriller.

No one can deny that that video was the shyt. It's the best. You know what this reminds me of? One evening the family went by a friend of my dad and another guest had a portable DVD player and had the Michael Jackson DVD, and there we were singing along and enjoying the videos. Good memories. My brother would quote Vincent Price's monologue all the time. You can tell how good you are when people do parodies and integrate the dance moves into their events. This is my all time favourite:

I'm sorry to say time passed and MJ did become odder and odder. His music was good but to me it lacked a bit of a spark. I started to listen to other artists and developed my taste for music, then he came out with Scream with his little sister. Michael Jackson was back!!

I didn't come across this video till sometime after it came out but it is one of his most powerful works. Smooth Criminal.

To end off, Michael Jackson was a true performer and what set him a part from other performers is his large body of work that spans decades, his ability to have fans from all races, to produce videos that are content rich and visually appealing and he knew how to entertain. The world to forget Michael Jackson? You kidding me!! When pigs fly and I find a diamond mine in my backyard. What is profoundly special is that people now remember the good he has done and the music he has created.


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