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9:17 AM

To say that she has already won two Oscars is saying a lot about Hillary Swank. She seems to know what she's doing when choosing films and I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.

I think my wanting to watch this is a result of my weakness for fashion. Just to know what the inner workings are is very intriguing. It also highlights why I've stepped away from it. It's about pleasing the masses or in this case this one woman who can make you or break you. I discovered I enjoy being hands on and developing my skills as I move forward. I'll leave the multi-million dollar companies for peace of mind and happiness. On the other hand it is awesome to see a woman wielding so much power, she knows what she wants and she demands nothing less.

I normally wouldn't post this or mention it as it is so depressing, but it kinda put things into perspective. Nothing last forever, take every moment in life as something special. Everything has an expiration date.

I don't remember seeing the original movie, but I remember the episodes. For some strange reason I am looking forward to seeing this. One thing for sure is nice to see the older folks in this film, Charles S. Dutton from Roc and Kelsey Grammer from Fraiser. "Fame, I'm going to live forever ....."

Okay, I put this movie in because it reminded me of Juno and I loved Juno. A lot of times you get movies where the characters are already evolved and know what is going on in their lives. It's refreshing to see a movie where you see for sure that not everybody has got it together and they get by just fine.

Every now and then I go on Trailer Addict to check out the new trailers, sometimes I am disappointed and sometimes I find gems. Then again, they are just the trailers, I still have to see the movies to see if I like them or felt like I wasted my money, time or bandwidth on them. Just letting you know, I will only be doing positive reviews of movies. There are enough people out there that will pan movies. As they say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.

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