4:20 PM

I saw this movie when I was doing my study abroad and it is still dear to my heart. I am definitely getting this on dvd. It's in Italian (sorry, my italian has eroded since I left Italy) thank goodness for subtitles. I don't have a clip since it is in Italian and I don't think alot of my readers can understand Italian.

Here is the synopsis:

Thirtysomething ad executive Tommaso (Italian TV star Fabio Volo) gets married to upscale makeup artist Stefania (Stefania Rocca). In a rural church outside of Milan, the priest (Gennaro Nunziante) questions the couple and the congregation about the lasting power of relationships. Told in a series of flashbacks and future sequences, the upper-class couple struggles with the social pressure of friends, career, and family members. Their love is further tested with parenthood, infidelity, and separation.

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