Two-fer Tuesday - Terminator & Magic Mike

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It has been a hella long time since I've reviewed a movie and this is the first time I've ever reviewed two movies in one post so this will be long. If needs be, scroll down to the movie that interests you.

Last Tuesday, the movie group I am a part of went to see two movies one after the other. Actually, the women went to see two movies, there was no way the men would have gone to see Magic Mike. The movies were Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL.

My thoughts?

Terminator Genisys

I didn't hate, in fact I saw it as a fun time at the cinema. I got my action with a bit of the mushy stuff and there was some comedy to it. It was interesting to see Arnold again and having him do fight scenes, the near nakedness of Kyle Reese was a great prep for Magic Mike and the story line was interesting although it left a lot of holes.

Now I'm not going to pretend to understand and by extension explain the time travel paradox and what may have you, but I would like to think of this movie presenting a possible time line that leads up to Judgement Day as opposed to the definitive time line. What this movie presented was what was possible when a terminators or people were sent back to alter the time line from different points in the future time line. As I said I prefer to see it as a possible time line as opposed to saying this is the time line we are running with.

I would add more but I won't so as to not drop a spoiler, but...

What I liked
  • Them giving us an old school action movie with a present day edge;
  • How they integrate our current technology, i.e. smart phones that sync to everything to the SkyNet coming online. It is somewhat foreboding, making one ask the question of is it possible?
  • Arnold not denying that he is old;
  • Making references to the better terminator movies, the liquid metal terminator, the 80's music, etc;

 What I didn't like
  • The early CGI of Arnold after arriving to 1984, it looked faker than a Ken doll, I'm just saying;
  •  It felt long, I know that our attention spans have shortened drastically but there comes a point when you feel like the movie should be wrapping up. Perhaps the movie had too much in terms of times - 2029, 1984 then 2017, each with their own action scenes etal.

Overall, I liked it, I don't feel like I wasted any money on the movie, but I must say the off screen ish is another thing. Scroll down to the bottom for more on that.

Magic Mike XXL


I'll be straight with you, I had low expectations. I saw the first Magic Mike and although it had its high points, its low points left me feeling sad and not too happy that I saw the movie. As such, I didn't expect that I would like this movie, but I did. To me, it was a great road trip movie with half naked men, well and a few near-naked men.

The humor was endearing, the people they met along the way were interesting and fun. There were a few well known people up in this film, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Andie McDowell, Donald Glover and they fit in seamlessly into the story line. Oh and Lord, there was a lot of bromance going on.

My only drawbacks were I didn't think the romantic angle was necessary. The guys were wavering in and out of caricatures of their characters as a result it veered in and out of being believable. Perhaps, that is why I think the women stole the show.

Jada Pinkett-Smith nailed it as the MC, every time she performed that role, I sat up and noticed because I would love to be able to command an audience like that. Andie McDowell just oozed Southern charm and scorn with equal parts bourbon and honey. I would love to be that fearless. And there was one other woman, Elizabeth Banks, she was a little bit of both Jada and Andie.

What I liked
  • The humour;
  • The characters they met along the way, from the drag queen to the women I mentioned before;
  • That it was a fun road trip movie;
  • The convenience store scene;
  • That Tatum attempted a death drop (my favourite drag queen move);
  • That the private strip club scene was tasteful and it was more about moves and technique than the raunchiness of what the moves are trying to portray;
  • Half and near naked men, how can I leave that out;
  • The last three performances;

What I didn't like
  • That some of the main characters were over the top, I mean some of them made it work and others made me wonder why bother and why are you here
  • The romantic interest felt bleh, another why bother. It felt like it was tacked on.
Overall, it was a good movie to see with your girlfriends.

Now, before I end this post, let me share my thoughts on the going to the movies on the day when the ticket price is reduced. Let's call this part,

I should have paid full price
The early movie. Don't go.... Now one of the guys in the group hates going to the 6:something movies because of the children and I agree with him. Yes, we went into the cinema late. Yes, we arrived at the same 5 seats the exact time a couple and their toddler arrived, but why didn't the couple take the two seats leaving the other three for the rest of us? This forced the couple on the other side to move over to let us have three seats. Okay, you brought your little girl to the cinema, but can you at least sedate her, why is this strange child touching me? Why bother come to see the movie if 3/5 through it you have to pack up your kid and go? I'm not saying you can't take your kid to the movie, just be mindful of others who don't want to hear your kid bawling.

We are in the dark, and still every Tuesday, Caribbean Cinemas becomes a fashion show of the tacky variety. Lord, I tried real hard not to judge but when my, ahem, sisters are showing up with dresses under their backsides or shorts that display the lower parts of their backsides, I have to judge. I almost broke out into prayer. We are in the dark. Sigh.

Please light up the darkness with your phone. Of course I want to know that you are messaging someone on Whatsapp. Oh, during this riveting scene, you have this strong desire to check your FaceBook? Really? You have an old school phone, what the buck are you looking at during the movie. Oh, you want to take a picture of yourself in the cinema while people are watching a movie? I don't know if people realize that they create a rectangle of light that distracts people from the screen. I sometimes make a point of speaking about people using their phones in the movie, pretty much dropping words because that is some tomfoolery.

There are more things that tick me off but these are what ground my gears at the excursion to the cinema. What grinds your gears when you go to the cinema? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Image Credits: IMDb, Time

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