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3:48 PM

At this exact moment, I am doing my laundry and I'll be honest I am sick and tired of my clothes. Over the years, I have picked and chose my clothes based on the colour, if it's comfortable, if it's well made and if it just clicks. One example is this beautiful green dress I found in a wholesaler in Miami. On the rack it didn't look impressive, to the degree my mom was calling it a parrot dress. Quick description: it's green, yellow, orange and red with sequins and an asymmetrical hemline with ruffles. I meant I was going to get that dress for the event, so I got it and back at the hotel, I slipped it on and it had a pow effect, mom saw the potential. The other day I wore it for an event my mom was having and people liked it, one lady asked where I got it. Basically, I look for things, I know will work.

Unfortunately, all my clothes have passed there expiration date and I haven't found garments that would be worthy of replacing them. It's been 5 years since I've been in the fashion biz and I think I lost some of my edge. I used to check every day during the fashion shows and I can't even remember when I last did that. Maybe because I've not been impressed by fashion as of late. Maybe I need to immerse myself in all things fashion and look to things that inspire me.

I started doing the latter and the first designers I looked up were DSquared. Love them, love them, love them. I like the way they style their shows, I like that there are strong pieces mixed with basics and by right that is how I liked to dress. I went to their studio in Milan when I did my study abroad in Italy with my class. It was a nice studio. Well below are some looks I liked from their Fall 2009 Collection.

As you can see, I like hats and layering.

On other blogs, I've seen people use Polyvore and I've resisted, but as I am returning to the fashion side, I did my first set.

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