St. Thomas Trip

9:33 PM

On the 5th of last month, my sister and I flew to St. Thomas to visit our brother and celebrate his birthday. Basically the plan was to go out and have a good time and that we did. We also went out and watched Land of the Lost and I kinda liked it, no I liked it because I laughed a lot. I know it took me a month to get the pics, but at least they are up. I'm thinking people in St. Thomas think we are party animals, but the truth is we are innocent, quiet individuals. ;P
First afternoon in St. Thomas, doing the tourist thing.

Silence! I kill you!! We had to say that to make my brother laugh.

It was my brother's birthday and we went club hopping.

What can I say, we are family.

For the record, the blue bottle was water, I was getting a bit tipsy and after drinking a couple glasses of vino, I need some water to balance it out.

Yes, we are social drinkers.

This was probably my brother's first and last cosmo. During the evening we kept referring to it as his "girly drink" in an Arnold the Governor voice. (I was not going to try to spell his last name, this late at night)

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Deville.

The following pictures are from Mojito Madness. Get this, the ran out of mint leaves to make the mojitos. Mojito Madness ran out of mojitos.

A funny moment at Mojito Madness was just when we were going to the bar and some guys were preparing to take a picture in the direction we were in, so I started to get out of there way when the camera guy kept getting in my way. It turned out he was setting up a shot for me to be in a picture with his friend. So I struck a pose and took a picture with the guy. Unfortunately, I have to put this dress to rest, it has served me well.

This was the morning after our last night out. I probably was sleeping.

Much thanks has to be given to my sister, Mayeshah and my brother for taking these pics and putting them up on facebook so I can access them. Yes, I took my camera to St. Thomas but I would either forget it or be enjoying myself to stop and take pics. Mental note to self, take more pics.

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