Love in the first person

9:34 PM

I follow a blog called Le Love and I came across this clip and I cried (a little). As I like to say my face leaked water. I know, believe and hope that I find this kind of love. Not the hook up kind of love or the I think your cute kind of love, but the real I want to know everything about you love, the I love you warts and all love.

During the wedding scene, I was reminded of Bridezilla on WE Tv (my dirty, little addiction). In that show you see women going overboard about their wedding, but in this short I was reminded what weddings are all about. It's about celebrating two people's love for one another. It is the bringing together of family and friends to witness the coming together of two individuals. I always believed that when I get married, that is it, there will never be any talk of divorce. For that to happen whoever I marry has to be the real deal.

Last night, I told another guy I've been involved with that I won't be in contact with him and I need him not to be in contact with me. Yes, I've said that before and it would work. A good 5-6 months would past and no communique, then he would spoil a good thing by texting me out of the blue. The main reason I'm insisting on this is because he has a long distance girlfriend. What annoys me is the way he speaks of his relationship with her. They're suppose to get married in October, that is "if she doesn't leave" him. He hopes he doesn't mess it up because he "will be disappointing a lot of people." He is an interesting example of a man who has had his heart broken and who is willing to learn to love a woman who adores him, but may not love her as much as the woman who broke his heart. I don't have the training to dig deeper and two hurt people can't be good for each other, so I stepped away and avoid any imagery of Common, the rapper (he kind of looks like him).

Gosh, this post has gotten longer than I had planned and I'm sleepy.

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