Good People

1:32 PM

There is a phrase that I adopted from one of my college roommates. Usually, it is used when refering to people, so we would say someone is a good person, or a group of people are good people. That is how I would describe and refer to fellow blogger, Andrena aka Lion-ess and her boyfriend, Gokhan.

Not everyday do I get to interact with people who I can have a conversation with and feel like we're on the same page. That was cool. I've always enjoyed Andrena's post on her blog and now that I've met her I like her even more.

The funny thing is I would see bloggers mention meeting other bloggers and I would think, "Yeah, that will never happen to me." Then Andrena emailed me to say that she was coming to Antigua for a wedding. Unfortunately, I was caught up with the arrangements for my Grandfather's funeral, or I should say the secondhand stress my Dad is under. I got to show Andrena and Gokhan around my Antigua within five hours before their flight, plus introduce them to my family.

After this experience, I see blogging as a good way of meeting and interacting with people, especially when you sign up with networks like 20 something bloggers.

Thanks to their visit, I got to see my island, namely Betty's Hope. It also got to see what needed to be improved on the tourism front. So to Andrena and Gokhan, thanks for coming and hopefully when you come back I can show you much more of Wadadli.

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