The Human Tree

12:32 PM

I came across this while going through a blog and I sat down and watched all the parts. You know how hard that is when one's attention span is drastically shortened when on the internet. Why I found this interesting is that it backed up a lot of things my mom had said or things I have come to accept. Examples are Caucasians and some Asians are fair skinned due to their bodies adapting to the environment, or the human race started came from Africa. What kept me watching is the fact that we have come so far in terms of a species and although we are hung up on recent history (whatever has been recorded in one form or another)

Now here is something to blow your mind, we as human beings have evolved from a species who's greatest tool was a spear made from a piece of rock, a stick and some vine to a species that created iphones the internet and sent a machine to Mars. Can you imagine what we could do in the next 10,000 years?

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