"WOW!" Effect

12:32 PM

 So, I'm going through my email, and I come across the essence.com newsletter. Normally I would delete it after I scanned it simply because it was either featuring an eye candy that doesn't inspire me to check him out or some newlyweds. Thanks a lot for making a single woman feel under accomplished. Well this newsletter featured "Street Style: The Alvin Ailey Gala", I'm a fan of the dance company from a distance, so I clicked on the link.

After clicking through the gallery, I realized that I wanted to be a particular woman when I attend formal affairs. Now some of the women were.... how do you say, donkadam, which means they don't give a damn. They put on an outfit that is formal, but they fall short of their potential. Instead of being "WOW!", they're "Oh, so and so in a formal attire." I know I can do the "WOW!" but I hold back because I don't want to stick out, I don't want to be the target of haters and you know some women can hate. But you know what, after seeing some of the women at the Gala, I want to be them. The kind of woman that catches everyone's eye when she enters a room, and the kind of woman that makes her man hold her closer and have him beaming with pride.

Below are my new found inspirations

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