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As I mentioned a couple posts back, I now have a Tumblr dedicated to my baby of a project called Lulu Approved and while going through my sister's tumblr I came across this video.

First of all, OMG!!! I need to see more. I need to throw on my heels and practice walking in them until I reach the point where I can dance in them. I need to take the pain like a champ. I'm now speechless so I'll load you down with facts.

From Wikipedia:

Kazaky ("Cossacks") emerged as a new Ukrainian group with the release of their fast-paced, sensual, acro-dance video In the Middle on the web on 30 September 2010. The boy band's four performers were assembled by the experienced choreographer and dancer Oleh Zhezheľ (Олег Жежель), the video was made by the equally accomplished clip director Yevhen Tymokhin (Євген Тимохін). “In the Middle”, garnered over 1.3 million views on Youtube. The response to the group's latest song's music video, “Love”, was even greater, hitting 775,000 views in just eight days.[1]
And another video

Reaching for my heels.

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