Grace Jones

1:48 PM

Perhaps it's because I heard "Ride Up To My Bumper", this morning that reminded me of Grace Jones, but when I started to put together the list of famous people who inspire me, she was the first in the list. So why is she on the list? She's ballsy, she's not a conventional beauty, she has done so much in her lifetime, she is a cult figure and she lives life on her terms. What's not to like?!?


Everyone has to make their own decisions. I still believe in that. You just have to be able to accept the consequences without complaining.
- Grace Jones

I perform all the time, but my fans have to track me down. I don't do press. I go underground.
- Grace Jones

I get bored. I provoke things to happen without even realizing it. I just follow my instincts. I don't think about it, really.
- Grace Jones

I wasn't born this way. One creates oneself. I believe whatever I dream. Whatever I dream, I want t do.
- Grace Jones

I've always been a rebel. I never do things the way they're supposed to be done. Either I go in the opposite direction or I create a new direction for myself, regardless of what the rules are or what society says.
- Grace Jones

If you're out there you're vulnerable. People prefer to disappear in life, to repress their personality. That's not living. It's dying. I see them al over the place, the walking dead.
- Grace Jones

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