Two Videos

5:40 PM

I am loving this video!! Where do I start? I love the slow sexuality/sensuality which is very refreshing. I like the artists, Lil Wayne may not be a lot to look at, but you have to give it to him for doing him. I love the dancing and the krumping, it's something powerful to see a man create something and own it.

Another video I'm feeling. Once again, where do I start? The concept was beautiful and well executed. The makeup was enviable, I haven't seen anything like this since Farscape (google it). The hair was, well, out of this world, seriously, no pun intended. On another blog I follow which focuses on natural hair, they likened the first styles to ancient African hairstyles, and the pics they showed made me excited to try them out when my hair is long enough. This was definitely and inspirational video, it had my creative brain cells sparking. And extra Kudos to Katy Perry, girl, when you came out with I kissed a girl, I thought you were a one hit wonder, but you proved me wrong. You've bounced from strength to strength, go on with your bad self.

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