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9:35 AM

I'll be honest, I've been long overdue in posting a post where I'm expressing an oppinion, an idea or a thought. I guess you could put it down to me being busy and to a small degree depressed (I'll deal with that another time). Then there is that situation, where you feel obligated to put something on the blog and it's half assed because you are so busy with something else. I think at that point the purpose of the blog gets murky and then it feels like a free for all.

Normally, like other bloggers, I would take a break. A little sabbatical to clear my mind and to think about what I really want to say with this blog. And perhaps that is what I've been doing when I've been just posting and not really thinking about what I'm posting. So why do I blog?

Well it depends. You see, I have two to three blogs and each serves a purpose. Here's the breakdown:
  • Kim or Lisa - This is my first blog, actually my second, as my first post was on my MySpace blog. It was a poem, which is also the first poem of Kim or Lisa. Somehow it felt good, don't ask me why it felt good, all I know is it felt good. Before long, I was posting all the poems I've ever written, then I was writing new poems, but I was also posting other things. It was random stuff, like my favourite actress or things that resonated with me and although I was liking what I was posting, that blog was not the place for it. Kim or Lisa is only for poetry and things related to poetry, so Kimolisa Was Here was created.
  • Kimolisa Was Here - This blog is just everything that catches my fancy. I guess you can say it's a good reflection of me in terms of my likes. I'm into fashion, interiors, inspirational stuff, music, movies and the list goes on and on. To degree it's the Journal that is not my Journal. It has all the stuff that doesn't go into my written Journal. Then there are the times when I just want to rant about something that has been going through my mind. Sometimes, it's where I have a conversation with myself or give myself a lecture. It's me in some weird way.
  • Lulu Approved - I am just at the start of a new business I've been delaying and now all the components are coming together. This particular blog is mainly for that business. Right now it's all about what inspires me, but in the near future it will be documenting what I'm going through in terms of getting the business running as well as showcasing what I'm producing. Oh and for the record, the actual name of the business is KoLA which really stands for Kimolisa Apparel, but my pet name for it is Karibbean Original, Lulu Approved so that is why it's called Lulu Approved.
Wow, that was a lot of info, but I had mentioned a very important reason why I blogged when I was explaining Kim or Lisa. I like blogging. Plain and simple. It's a form of expression and I think through it I have grown as a poet, especially when I get feedback; as a person, I now can identify what I like and what makes me happy so now I can focus on those things; and as a writer, not a great writer, but I just finished the draft of my second story, to read my first and in the near future my second, check out Kim or Lisa.

Another great thing about blogging is the fact that you meet a lot of interesting people. How can I put it? I can't vouch for other bloggers, I can only speak for myself. I would categorize myself as a shy person, I'm working on getting out of that category, but through this blog, I put out alot of ideas, thoughts and stuff that people would not get if they met me. To a degree, through this blog, one can get into my head and that is how I feel when I read other people's blogs. Through people's you get to interact with like minded people who could be on the other side of the planet, and that is pretty awesome.

For a while now, I've always hated the question "What do you do?" For the most part because my days are spent "doing" stuff I have to do for one reason or another, but now I can say I'm a poet, a blogger and a fashion designer. They all cover what I do and what I enjoy doing. So, why do you blog?

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