Date #1 - Ice Cream Date

1:39 PM


Difficulty - 2/5
Expense - $$
Intimacy Level - 1st -5th date
Fun/Informative - Both

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream. To me this is a great first date. Like a drinks date or a coffee date, it can be as long or as short as you need it to be. There also a few options with this date,

  • You can stay at the ice cream shoppe with your choices of ice cream;
  • You can leave and walk around the neighbourhood;
  • You can taste different flavours of ice cream before settling on one (this depends on the ice cream shoppe)
Of course this date is not for everyone as some people are lactose intolerable and there is a chance that the ice cream shoppe may not have sorbets.

I categorized this as both fun and informative because there is the fun of trying new and different flavours and trying not to get ice cream all over your hands, but you can pick up a lot of information. For instance, you can find out what kind of ice cream your date likes as well as what flavours they are drawn to, e.g. tart sorbets vs creamy flavours like vanilla or chocolate.

Also, simple things like eating ice cream unlocks child hood memories that could be brought up in conversation. For instance, when I was growing up, we had only 1-2 ice cream shoppes and they were less than a block from each other. Once in a while, on the way home in the evenings, Dad would stop at one and Mom would buy a quart of ice cream. At home we would get the ice cream doled out in cups and mugs and we would eat most of that quart of ice cream off. By sharing your past, they will share theirs and you will have known one more thing about your date.

A bonus of having these facts is that you can use them to get bonus points. Say, the person is having a crap day, you can surprise them with their favourite ice cream and perhaps their favourite movie. For me it with be Ben & Jerry's S'mores ice cream and Easy A or Kick-Ass. It has to be something to soothe the spirit or make them forget the day. This shows that you care and that you know them.

So here are some bonus helpful info:
  • Don't be afraid to get messy, it shows that you are down to earth. Just laugh it off and clean up the mess;
  • If eating from cups and you are comfortable with your date, offer them a scoop of your ice cream and/or ask for a scoop of theirs;
  • For women, if you are very comfortable with your date, i.e. you have been together and have a healthy sexual relationship, go ahead and get some ice cream on your fingers, you can lick them off while looking at your dare seductively. Let their imaginations go bonkers;
  • Get only one scoop of ice cream. No you are not being cheap, nor are you a calorie counter, this gives you the the chance to a) finish faster if the date is going badly or b) get another flavour and continue enjoying the company.
So where do you go? It depends on your price point. It could be the neighbourhood store which sells a limited variety of flavours. It could be an ice cream van or it could be a specialty ice cream shoppe like Coldstone or Australian Ice which is down here in Antigua.

To end, I believe dating should be fun, so relax, chillax, remember the aims are to get to know your date and make them like you because you, my friend, are awesome.

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